Cargo Insurance

claim procedure

In the event of a loss, please provide the following information:

1. Your claim letter

2. Bill of Lading

3. Delivery receipt(s)

4. Invoices highlighting damaged/short items

5. Photos of damage for claims exceeding $750.00

6. Other relevant information pertaining to the claim if applicable

Depending on the type and extent of loss, other documents may be required.

Send your claim letter explaining your loss along with supporting documentation to or contact us by phone for guidance: (561) 840-2955.


Note: Damaged goods must be retained for presentation at time of settlement

Tip: To ensure no delays in the processing of your claim, please provide relevant information to support your loss. Prompt notification for concealed damages is also essential. Remember that concealed damage must be reported within three (3) business days of delivery.
We are proud of our efficient claim service
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